Ibrahim Bedir Metwally Taha


High voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission IS now art acceptable alternative to AC and is proving an economical solution not only for very long transmission distance but also for underground and submarine transmission, as well as means of interconnecting systems of different frequencies or with problems of stability or fault level. An HVDC link can be either a back-to-back rectifier/inverter link or can include long distance DC transmission. Also, multi-terminal HVDC links are feasibles. This thesis presents an efficient method for AC-DC power flow analysis. The main idea of the proposed method is to treat the converter as voltage dependent loads. The DC equations are solved analytically and the variables are eliminated from the power flow equations. Also, the method can handle the AC and DC parts of the power flow separately. Furthermore, it is easy to handle the switching between the different modes of DC system control and the interaction phenomena between the AC-DC systems. The non-synchronous interconnection between the two AC systems has a difficulty of two slack buses and two references for power flow problem. The proposed method is modified to handle the power flow equations for the two AC networks in non-synchronous interconnection to be solved independently.

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Other Titles تحليل نظم نقل الدرة الكهربية بالتيار المستمر ذو الجهد العالى
Issue Date 1999

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