"Studies on Some New Heterocyclic compounds and Bridge Head Nitrogen Heterocyclic cyanine dye derivatives "

F'ouad Said Mohmed Ahmed


Some new condensed naphth six-membered heterocyclic or heterobicyclic compounds were synthesised through condensation followed. by intramolecular cycloaddition. (cyclocondensation) of (a)-keto naphthyl-a( )-oxime (la,b) with malononitriles, ethylcyanoacetate, benzoacetonitirile, cyanothioacetarnide (cyanoacetarnide) and cyanoethanoic hydrazide (2a-f). Others were prepared via the reaction of (!a,b) with active methylene moieties (3a-c) and or thiazolone-2- malononitrile I acetate acetamide (4a-c) respectively. The synthesised condensed six-membered heterocyclic or heterobicyclic compounds were confirmed by elemental analysis, IR and Mass spectral data. Some new asymmetrical novel linear annulated pyrazolo (4,5-d) thiazolo I oxazolo • (2,3-b) pyrimidine cyanines were prepared covering mono 5 [2(4)]-,3 [4(1)]-, bis 3,6 [4(2)]­ monomethine; mono-3(4)-methine -6(4)-mero cyanme; cyclic mero-6(4)-cyanines and or tri-3(4)-methine cyanines.

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Other Titles دراسات على بعض مركبات حلقية غير متجانسة ومشتقات أصباغ السيانين ذات النتروجين الرأسية والقنطرية الجديدة
Issue Date 1998
URI http://research.asu.edu.eg/handle/12345678/27254

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