Ayman Hamdy Ahmed Hassan


Introductio n of loca l a naesthetic in the suba rachno id space produces subarachnoid (spinal) block. This regi onal tec hique h as been w id el y used in s urgical a nd obstetri c anaesthesi a a nd fo r cl i ag nosti c a n d therape uti c reasons. - Amide l ocal anaestheti cs especially lidocaine, b u pivaca ine a n d etidocaine h as been used for l on g tim e to prod uce spinal or epidura l a nal gesia w ith great s uccess. - Spinal ad ministra tion of opio ids in coJ un cti on wi th l ocal anaesthe ti cs i mproves the qualit y of intrao perct ti ve anct l gesia a nd prolo n gs the duration of a na l gesi a. The aim of this stu dy is t o evaluate the effect of intrathecal fe ntanyl on the onset and d u ratio n of hyperbari c bupi vacaine induced spina l block in a n adu l t m a l e patients undergoin g lower a bdomina l electi ve surgery. Our stud y was ca rried o ut o n si xty ad ult m al e patients, ASA p h ysica l sta t us l & II undergoin g lower a bdomina l elect i ve s urgery (e.g. in gu in a l hernia, varicocele) were studied and rand oml y al located into t wo gro u p as follows: - t. Group I: Recei vin g 1 5 m g of 0.5% B upi vaca ine. Group II: Rcei v in g 15 m g of 0.5% B u p i vaca ine And 25Lg Fenta ny l.

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Other Titles مقارنة تأثير عقار الفنتانيل مع عقار البيوبيفاكين تحت الام الجافية اثناء التخدير النصفى
Issue Date 2001
URI http://research.asu.edu.eg/handle/12345678/2962

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