The current study was carried out in the laboratory of tissue culture, Arid Land, Faculty of Agriculture, Ain Shams University in the three years 1994 and 1997. A reliable protolol for in vitro propagation of Gedeon and Zarco were established. Shoot tips and shoot segment explants were used and different culture media were compared to examine the effect of growth regulators on the morphogenetic characters. The second goal was a compared between vegetative micropropagation of pepper hybrids by microcuttings with the conventional cutting. The study aimed also to increase the knowledge about the isolation of protoplast from leaf mesophyll of California Wonder and Balady. Complete plant was obtained from shoot tips at relatively low auxins level (0.1 mg/L. IAA or NAA). The proliferated shoots were subjected for rapid mass propagation when media was supplemented with the high level ofBAP at 5.0 mg!L.and low concentrations ofiAA at 0.1 mg/l..All shoot segment cultures produced callus only at all levels of auxin and cytokinin or combination between them. The addition ofiBA to rooting medium (I mg/L.) led to produce the best root initiation and root system quality. While, high IBA concentration gave the best root growth as root length. Moreover, using thiamin. HCl increased the rooting ability of conventional cuttings. Protoplasts were enzymatically isolated from leaf mesophyll of pepper Balady and California Wonder varieties. Isolation efficiency was influenced by the type, concentrations of enzymes concentration for osmoticum and incubation time. The best enzymes solution of both varieties was I% cellulase. The osmolarity of washing media No. I for Balady pepper where where the yield was greatest and the best washing media for California Wonder was washing media No. The best period of enzymatic incubat was 18 h.

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Other Titles التكاثر الخضرى لبعض اصناف الفلفل
Keywords .Pepper, Micropropagation, Tissue culture, Growth regulators, Microcutting, Cutting, Protoplast isolation
Issue Date 1997

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