Behavior of Foam Particles Lightweight Concrete with Time



This study was carried out with aim of studying long-term behavior of the LWC with polystyrene foam particles subjected to sustained load. Two experimental programs were conducted to study time dependent behavior in both compression and flexure. In the first experimental, nine LWC and three NWC cylindrical specimens, with the same dimensions, and placed in apparatus designed specifically to perform creep test were subjected to axial sustained load to determine its time dependent behavior in compression and compare long-term behavior of LWC with long-term behavior of NWC. Also, three prisms from each concrete mixture were tested to evaluate shrinkage characteristics as a part of studying creep behavior. The main variable taken in consideration in this experimental program was the applied stresses to the cylindrical specimens. The second experimental program was carries out to determine flexural long term behavior of six reinforced LWC beams subjected to two concentrated vertical sustained loads and to compare its long term flexural behavior with two reinforced NWC beams with same dimensions. The main variables taken into consideration in the experimental program were the percentage of compression steel reinforcement and the applied loads to the beam. The analytical part of the study consisted of a comparison between the experimental results and the theoretical results obtained from the international codes of practice and models.

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