Establishing evidence based practices in feeding behavior and nutritional intake in children with cerebral palsy (A Meta-analysis and comprehensive review of literature

Mohammed Adel Hassan Amer


Cerebral palsy is a diagnostic term used to describe a group of permanent disorders of movement and posture causing activity limitation that are attributed to no progressive disturbances in developing fetal and infant brain. Feeding problems and nutritional deficiency are important complications in CP patients. CP is caused by insult to the developing brain which is non –progressive. The aim of the current study was to establish an evidence based practice in feeding behavior and nutritional intake in children with CP, aged from birth to 18 years. 77 studies were selected out of thousands of studies and 26 articles of them were directly related to feeding and GIT problems. Meta-analysis was done using the MedCalc program version 2. Results revealed that feeding problems in CP patients were high, the most of them is oral motor dysfunction which is present in 99.5 %, difficult chewing proportion was 80.6 %, GIT problems were present in 75.9 % of CP patients and frequent coughing and chocking during feeding occurred in 69.9 %. Teeth problems were found in 68.9 % of CP children, aspiration during feeding proportion was 65.8 %, feeding difficulties proportion was 61.1 % and swallowing problems occur in 56.2 % in CP patients. Regarding lips don't close around the spoon during feeding proportion was 53.7 %, drooling occurred in53.4 % in CP patients and liquid food tolerance by CP patient occurred in35.5 %. Concerning constipation, it occurred in 32.8 % of CP patients, GERD in CP patient's proportion was 31.5 % and gingivitis occurred in 27.9 %. Complications of CP according to the current study are recurrent chest infections which account for 62.3 %, mental retardation was present in 47.4 % in CP patients, epilepsy occurred in 47.1 % of CP patients, brain atrophy occurred in 34.0 % of CP patients and moderate motor disability proportion is 24.2 %. 155

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Other Titles تصميم ممارسات معتمدة على البراهين في التغذية و مشاكلها في الأطفال المصابين بمرض الشلل الدماغي
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