The Effect of Antenatal Steroids on Fetal wellbeing after the 34 weeks of Pregnancy in Women at High Risk of Preterm Labor

Hosam Mohammed Eldokmak


Preterm delivery is seen in about 7-10% of pregnancies. Conservative management is recommended in pregnant women after 34weeks of pregnancy with possible pulmonary maturation. Advances in perinatology achieved in the last 30 years have not decreased the incidence of preterm delivery but have led to significant changes in Perinatal and neonatal morbidity and survival. A decrease in the rate of respiratory distress syndrome (RDS) by 50% after maternal admistration of corticosteroids was shown first by Leggins and Howie. The beneficial effects of a complete course of corticosteroids were found to be greatest if more than 24 hours and less than 7 days passed between the administration of therapy and delivery there are few data on the neonatal effects of an incomplete course of antenatal corticosteroids, but they still confirm that incomplete courses are also beneficial.. According to Liggins, steroids should be used at 26 to 34 weeks gestation and beyond 34 weeks only if the L/S ratios are immature. He recommends betamethasone 5 mg every 12 hours times .

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Other Titles تأثير عقار الكورتيزون على صحة الجنين بعد الأسبوع 34 من الحمل فى السيدات الأكثر عرضة للولادة المبكرة
Issue Date 2014

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