The Effect of Intra-Cuff Lidocaine during General Anesthesia on the Incidence of Postintubation-Related Sore Throat and Emergence phenomenon

Fady Medhat Mokhtar Neseim


First of all, all gratitude is due to God's blessing for achieving this work until it has reached its end, as a part of his generous help and care throughout my life. I would like to thank my thesis advisor Prof. Dr. Ayman Mokhtar Kamaly, Professor of the Anesthesiology, Intensive care and Pain Medicine at Ain Shams University for he had consistently allowed this paper to be my own work, but steered me in the right the direction whenever he thought I needed it. Thanks also must be given to Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Khamis, Lecturer of Anesthesiology, Intensive Care and Pain Medicine at Ain Shams University for his warm welcoming and great support to direct me through my thesis study, and allocating time despite his far stay to enrich this work. I would also like to thank the expert who was involved in the validation survey for this research project: Dr. Hani Victor Zaky, Lecturer of Anesthesiology, Intensive care and Pain Medicine at Ain Shams University. Without his passionate participation and input, the validation survey could not have been successfully conducted. Finally, I must express my very profound gratitude to my parents and to my friends and colleagues for providing me with unfailing support and continuous encouragement throughout my years of study and through the process of researching and writing this thesis. This accomplishment would not have been possible without them. Thank you. Fady M. Mokhtar

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Other Titles تأثير حقن الليدوكائين بداخل كفّة الأنبوب الرغامي أثناء التخدير الكلّي على نسبة حدوث آلام الحلق المتعلقة بالتنبيب و ظاهرة التعافي
Issue Date 2017

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