Neonatal creatine phosphokinase as a marker of foetal hypoxia in cases with intrapartum pathological cardiotocography

Beshoy Damars Zakhary


The aim of this study was to evaluate CK as a marker of intrapartum fetal hypoxia after diagnosis by classic methods. The current controlled clinical trial study included term fetus delivered in El Demerdash hospital, included 20 term fetus with intrapartum hypoxia and another 20 normal term fetus. An investigator collected blood samples from umbilical artery and serum level of CK and pH were measured in the laboratory also APGAR score and fetal status were evaluated by neonatologist. Comparison was done to detect the accuracy of CK in diagnosis of

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Other Titles الكرياتين فوسفوكيناز كعلامة لنقص الاكسجيبن فى الاطفال الذين تعرضوا لتخطيط نبض جنين مرضى أثناء الولادة
Issue Date 2018

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