Color Evaluation and Stability Studies of Roselle Extract as a Natural Food Colorant

Ahmed Samir Ali Mahrous


The present study was designed to investigate effect of spray-drying as microencapsulation technique on the stability of Roselle calyces’ anthocyanins. Twelve different extraction conditions were evaluated to identify the best extraction presider for extracting Roselle anthocyanins. The results showed that using 2% citric acid solution by 1: 10 solids: solvent ratio with crushed flower at 85°C for 20min. was the best condition for extraction of the red pigments from Roselle calyces. Total phenolic contents (TPC) and antioxidant activity was determined and the results showed that Roselle calyces had TPC ranged from 12.16 to 14.45mg. Gallic acid equivalent/g. Roselle calyces. Roselle calyces. Results also reflected that Roselle calyces had a strong antiradical efficiency of 0.727 and EC50 of 1.37g Roselle extract/g DPPH. Thermal stability of Roselle anthocyanins was investigated and the results showed that Roselle extract heated at 70°C for 30min retained 89.01% of their anthocyanin content. With increasing the temperature to 95°C the retention value was decreased and recorded 80.017%, respectively. The

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Other Titles : تقييم ودراسة ثبات لون مستخلص نبات الكركـديه كـملون غــــذائي طبيعي
Issue Date 2017

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