Resisting the Double Marginalization of Black Women in Selected Poems by Audre Lorde and Lucille Clifton

Rowaida Abdel Mohsen Hassanein


The struggle of black women started during slavery period from (1619) when they were handicapped and brought to the United States as slaves to serve American citizens. Several brutal acts were committed against them and they were deprived of practicing social and political rights. Their roles were defined and they were seen as mammies, matriarchs, welfare mothers and jezebels. After many decades of humiliation, black women decided to join protests and movements that attempted to restore their rights such as Civil Rights Movement in 1960 and Women’s Movement in 1964.

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Other Titles مقاومة التهميش المزدوج للمرأة السوداء فى أشعار مختارة لأودرى لورد ولوسيل كليفتون
Issue Date 2018

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