A Linguistic Study of Co-ordination in English and Cairene Colloquial Arabic

Asmaa Mohamed Saber Gomaa


This thesis explores the syntax and pragmatics of co-ordination in English and Cairene Colloquial Arabic from a cross-linguistic point of view through a comprehensive study of a detailed study of basic and non-basic types of co-ordination. Basic types of co-ordination involve co-ordination of noun phrases, adjectival phrases, prepositional phrases, adverbial phrases, predicates, predications, subordinators, lexicalised, pseudo, layered and quasi co-ordination. Non basic types of co-ordination cover: (a) gapped co-ordination, (b) VP ellipsis, (c) end attachment co-ordination (postposing and addition of a new element), (d) expansion of the co-ordinate with a modifier, (e) delaying right node constituents, (f) co-ordination reduction, (g) interpolated co-ordination, and (h) parenthetical co-ordination. Furthermore, the thesis analyses the syntactic characteristics of correlatives in English and Cairene Colloquial Arabic. Moreover, it shows the different functional meanings of the common co-ordinators and correlatives used in English and Cairene Arabic which vary according to their linguistic and cultural contexts. Such functions are illustrated by actual examples taken from British National Corpus (Davies, 2004) and ArabiCorpus (Parkinson, 2009). Although both cultures may have the same co-ordinate construction or the same co-ordinator, some differences may arise because of cross-cultural communication. This may create information gap and misunderstanding to a given co-ordinate construction or to the intended meaning of a given co-ordinator or correlative. Consequently, it is the purpose of this thesis to investigate the similarities and dissimilarities of co-ordination in both cultures. This investigation is significant for describing the cross-linguistic and language-internal variation where it is done in the light of cohesion and Malinowski's context of situation theory. The results of this thesis shed light on some linguistic aspects in the study of co-ordination. Such insights are of importance to the field of linguistics in general, and teaching English as a foreign language in particular. Keywords: co-ordination, co-ordinates, co-ordinators, ellipsis, context

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Other Titles دراسة لغوية للربط المتناسق فى اللغة الإنجليزية واللهجة العامية القاهرية
Issue Date 2015
URI http://research.asu.edu.eg/handle/12345678/47696

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