Khaled Mohamed Abd EI-Rahman Abd EI-Rahem


The vanous process used in nuclear fuel cycle and in the application of radionuclides in research, medicine, and industry generate a range of low and intermediate level liquid waste streams needing. treatment to isolate radioactive contaminants from the environment or to reduce their quantities to levels which allow safe discharge according to the national regulations. Ion exchange processes are currently employed in a number of stages throughout the nuclear fuel cycle, from initial extraction of uranium from leach liquors arising from mining operations to the separation of actinides and the treatment of water arising from different applications of nuclear industry. The process waste system at Inshas site collects wastewater, that is contaminated or potentially contaminated with radioactive materials. A numerous studies have been carried out in treatment of these radwastes using ion exchange technique and specific attention is drawn to the simulation of exchange system behaviour. Mathematical models are considered as a useful tool throughout the world to simulate the ion exchange system behaviour. A reliable simulation model is obviously of great help in verifying the diffusional behaviour of different ion exchange materials, which makes a considerable reduction in the experimental work. The aim of this work is to achieve and examine a simplified numerical models to simulate the multicomponent radioactive waste treatment in fixed bed column. The objective of this simulation is to predict the characteristics of the breakthrough curves of all components for a particular column operating under a given set of conditions. Also, a Fortran-77 computer program were written and run on IBM computer to simulate the equations of the models under investigation. These models have been applied to system of radioactive wastes and the resulting data showed a good agreement between the predicted results and the published experimental data.

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Other Titles محاكاه مهد التبادل الايوبى لمعالجة المخلفات السائلة منخفضة الاشعاع
Issue Date 2000

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