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M Mohamed d Abdelham my Ezzeld din Farag,


The study area is located on the eastern and western sides of the Nile Valley, in the Greater Cairo area. The study aims at studying the fracture patterns in the Cretaceous rocks of the western area and in the Middle and Upper Eocene rocks of the eastern area, and their relationship to the nearby macrostructures (faults and folds). Damage zones of six faults in the western area and three faults in the eastern area have been studied. The study included detailed measurements of the fractures in the hinge areas of six large folds in the western area. As a result, the fracture patterns of the western area show the following orientations NE-SW, WNW-ESE, E-W and NW-SE, while the eastern area shows two main fracture patterns; E-W and NW-SE. Study of the fault damage zone resulted in the following conclusions; The half width of the damage zones of faults may reach up to 12 m. However, other factors may affect the fracture pattern of the fault damage zones. These include the fault type, length of the fault, amount of throw, and the existence of other structures (e.g. folds). The occurrence of shale or clay layers also affects the damage zone width. A new fracture model is proposed based on the field observations and data analysis for the fracture patterns. In this model, two intersected fracture patterns were encountered in the fault damage zone due to the occurrence of two structures (the fault itself, in addition to nearby folds). Such damage zones are called in this study ‘’Fracture Interference Zones’’.

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Title C P Cretac Pattern ceous ns of t and T the Gr Tertiar reater ry Fra Cairo cture o Area a
Other Titles انماط الكسور فى صخور العصر الطباشيرى و العصر الثلاثى فى منطقة القاهرة الكبرى
Authors M Mohamed d Abdelham my Ezzeld din Farag
Issue Date 2014
URI http://research.asu.edu.eg/handle/12345678/50098

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