Factors Affecting Quality of Life for Children Having Hemophilia

Hanaa Yehyaa Abdel-Hameed khatab,


Research Setting:
The study was conducted at Hematology department in El- Helal Hospital for Health Insurance in Shepen El-Kom and Outpatient clinic and Pediatric department at Ain Shams Children’s University Hospital.
A purposive sample composed of 100 children from mentioned settings.
Sample Criteria:
- Age from newborn to adolescence.
- Child diagnosis only hemophilia no other chronic disease.
Ethical considerations:
The research approval was obtained from the Scientific Research Ethical Committee in Faculty of Nursing at Ain Shams University. Before starting the interview, the researcher explains the aim of the study and the expected out come from the study. Oral approval was obtained from children and their mothers. Assured them the information collected by this study will be treated confidentially and used only for the purpose of the research.
Pilot study:
A pilot study was carried out on 10 those represented 10% of the total studied children to test the clarity, applicability and consistency of the study tools and also to estimate the time needed by the researcher to complete the questionnaire and interview for every study subject. Results of data obtained from the pilot study helped to modify the tools where some items will corrected, omitted or added as needed, children participate in the were excluded from the study.
Field work:
The study was carried out from the beginning of October/ 2015 up to the end of march/2016. The researcher was available at the designated hospitals for three days/ week to collect data. The children and their mothers were interviewed (for 20 to 30 minutes). The researcher started the interview by introducing herself to both child and his mothers or caregiver, give them clear and brief idea about the aim of the study and its expectations.
Tools of data collection
Data was collected by using three tools:
I - A predesigned questionnaire sheet
A predesigned questionnaire sheet was developed by the researcher after reviewing related literature and it

Other data

Title Factors Affecting Quality of Life for Children Having Hemophilia
Other Titles العوامل المؤثرة على جودة حياة الأطفال المُصابين بمرض السيولة في الدم
Authors Hanaa Yehyaa Abdel-Hameed khatab
Issue Date 2017
URI http://research.asu.edu.eg/handle/12345678/5146

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