Emad Gergius Dawoud


Genu-recurvatum is defmed as position of the tibiofemoral joint in which the range of motion occurs beyond neutral or 0° of extension. It is common in female. Its main causes is classified into dynamic and stmctural knee recurvatum, the structural knee recurvatwn can be congenital or acquired . Genu-recurvatum can be classified into three types according the position of the talocrural axis external rotary recurvatum, internal rotary recurvatwn and non rotary recurvatum defonnity. Genu-recurvatwn is diagnosed by plain X-ray standing position lateral view. The main line of treatment of genu-recurvatwn is either surgical rehabilitation or orthosis. The common type of the operation used is llizorov.

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Other Titles اعوجاج الركبة الخلفي
Issue Date 2002

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