Because of the current energy shortage, there has been much interest in developing new fuels as alternatives to petroleum fuels. Biogas appears to be a feasible nontraditional fuel for internal combustion engines under Egyptian conditions because it can be derived from agricultural roughages and residues which provide the raw material for biogas production. Biogas technology is a sustainable source of energy especially for the rural people The aim of this research was to study biogas production from agricultural wastes like rice straw and cattle dung and to find out the possibility of enhancing the biogas quality using a filtration unit then using biogas in diesel engine and how much diesel fuel can be saved. Eight small biogas digesters (four thermally insulated and four black coated) each group contain three treatment and control (C, 15% rice straw, 30% rice straw, 45%rice straw) for all treatments biogas production in black coated digesters was higher than thermal insulated digesters, The average production rate in thermal insulated digesters were (0.22- 0.26- 0.45- 0.42) l/ for (control- 15% - 30% - 45%) while, The average production rate in black covered digesters were (0.30- 0.33- 0.48- 0.44) l/ for (control- 15% - 30% - 45%). The filter increases the biogas flame temperature from (900 ͦ C) to (935 ͦ C) when using when using water in filtration and to (968 ͦ C) when using KOH. Electricity generation unit (Engine- Generation) fueled in both conventional and dual mode. In dual mode, biogas was mixed with air and supplied with required quantity into the engine cylinder with the help of control valve and mixing device. The unit was tested to determine the engine performance characteristics, fuel consumption (fc), specific fuel consumption (sfc), thermal efficiency ( ), volumetric efficiency ( ), and CO emissions. The results showed that both thermal and volumetric efficiencies in dual mode were lower than conventional mode by 28% and 11%, respectively. Fuel saving has been achieved 40% when the unit was run at (4.5) kW load. Keywords: biogas production, dual fuel, electricity generation, biogas handling

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Other Titles تطبيقات البيوجاز المستخرج من المخلفات المزرعية فى المحركات ثنائية الوقود
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