Identification and Quantitation of House Dust Mites in Dwellings of Asthmatic Children

Eman Yassien Shoeib


The present work was carried out to study house dust mites, which are the most important indoor allergen associated with asthma and bronchial hyper-reactivity in many parts of the wold, both in children and adults. This study was conducted on 40 asthmatic children and 20 normal control. All of them were subjected to full history taking, clinical examination, allergic skin testing to dust mite allergens and other allergens, in addition to laboratory investigation including total serum IgE and peripheral blood eosinophilic count. Identification and quantitation of house dust mites in dwellings of asthmatic children and control group were performed in order to correlate between house dust mites load and clinical and laboratory data of asthmatic patients. The results showed that most of asthmatics and control group lived in semiurban areas (45% and 40% respectively). While most of the asthmatic houses infested with mites were located in rural areas (54.16%), in comparison to 50% mite infested houses of control in semiurban areas. Most of asthmatic houses were old houses (82.5%) while control houses were 50% old and 50% relatively new houses.

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Other Titles التعرف النوعى والكمى لحلم تراب المنازل فى مساكن الاطفال المصابين بالربو الشعبى
Issue Date 2000

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