BENHA CARDIAC CATHETERIZATION UNIT EXPERIENCE A Retrospective study of the medically recorded



Cardiac catheter is an important tool used over the last 50 years that opened a new era of special interest in diagnosis and treatment of coronary heart diseases . Cardiac catheterization unit of Benha university hospital was constructed in 1997 , since that time, the activity of the unit is expanding. This study was conducted to evaluate the emciency and compatibility of the unit as regard diagnostic and intervention procedures during the last 2 years with special reference to cases of coronary artery disease . The total number of coronary angiography done during 2003 & 2004 was (615); of them ( 535) D.C.A and ( 80) PC. I. In this study, the success rate of femoral approach in D.C.A during 2003 & 2004 was ( 98 3%) The success rate of femoral approach in D.C.A during 2003 was (97.6'1.•) and during 2004 was (99.2 %). 'fhe success rate of P Cl in the unit during 2003 & 2004 was (93.75%). The success rate of P Cl during 2003 was (90.4%) and during 2004 was (97.4%) with significant dii'J'erence. The success rates of P.C.I according to the lesion type in Benha unit were (100 %) for type A lesions, (97.6 %) for type 8 lesions and (63.7 %) for type C lesions.

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Other Titles خبرة وحدة قسطرة القلب ببنها دراسة مرجعية للحالات المسجلة والتى تم عملها بالوحدة
Issue Date 2005

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