Role of Thyroglobulin, Radioactive Iodine 1-131, and Tc-99m Furifosmin "Q12" in the Follow up of Post Ablated Well Differentiated Thyroid Cancer

Josephine Adib Youssef


Follow up of differentiated thyroid cancer may be associated with problems of withdrawal of thyroid honnones, which may stimulate growth of the tumor. Also, negative results associated with the standard 1-131 scintigraphy in the presence of high serum Tg lead to several trials aiming at the search of other radionuclides in the follow up of patients with differentiated thyroid carcinoma. The purpose of the present study was to assess Tc-99m Q-12, which. is a new myocardial tracer as a non-specific tumor-imaging agent in the follow up of differentiated thyroid cancer in combination with Tg assay and standard 1-131 WBS. The study was carried out on 39 patients, 25 females and 14 males with a total of 19 below age of 40 years and 20 above this age, all of them are proved to have differentiated thyroid carcinoma (24/39 were papillary and 15 were follicular). All 39 post ablated patients were subject to estimation serum Tg level and whole body scans using standard 5 mCi 1-131 WBS and newly tumor imaging agent Tc-99m Q-12 in a dose of20 mCi. Thyroglobulin, •as a specific tumor marker in cancer thyroid; showed true negative result in II patients and positive results in tlie other 28 patients with only one patient with false positive result. In the present study, 1-131 whole body scintigraphy was significantly more sensitive test in detecting residual functioning thyroid tissue in .12 patients versus 5 patients detected in Tc-99m Q-12 Tc 99m Q-12, as a non-specific tumor nnagmg agent; showed

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Other Titles دور الثيروجلوبيولين -131- المشع وكذلك مادة الفيورى فى متابعة حالات سرطان الغدة الدرقية
Issue Date 2000

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