Iman Mohamed Abdel Mohsen Khalil


Hypertensive disorders complicating pregnancy a re common and form o ne of the d ead l y tr i ad, along wi th hemorrhage a nd infection, t ha t results in a la rge number of maternal dea ths. It has bee n estimated that, world­ wide, approximately 50,000 wo me n die eac h year from eclampsia. Pregnancy-induced hyperte nsion (PJH) is the most common medical disorde r of pregnancy in both the developed and developing countries and remains a major cause of maternal and perina ta l mo rbidity a nd morta li ty worldwide . Incidence Figures va ry w idel y depending oli the def inition used, the na ture of the stud y (e.g., hospital o r popul ation-based ), the e thnic a nd racial group investigated the geographic l ocat ion , the inclusi on of mu ltiparas or wome n w ith preexisting disease, and ot her factors. Stated tha t however, w i th continuous prog ress in perinatology hy pertension, especia ll y severe hy perte nsion , was associated with a n appreciabl e inc rease in impo rtant maternal and perinatal mo rbidity but not mortality.

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Other Titles دورة العظام في الام والجنين في حالات ما قبل اللاكلامسيا
Keywords Hypertensive disoed rs in proeg nancy , physiology of bo ne metabolism in pregna ncy, bioc hemical assessme nt of bo ne turnove, rad i ologic! assess ment of bone mineral density.
Issue Date 2001
URI http://research.asu.edu.eg/handle/12345678/8094

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