Assessment of Insulin Resistance and Metabolic Syndrome in Patients with Vitiligo

Asmaa Amer Mohamed Ali


Summary V itiligo is a common dermatologic condition that affects 1% ofthe population worldwide, with no sexual predilection. Severalco-morbidities have been described in association with thisdisorder: thyroidopathies, pernicious anaemia, diabetes, etc. Several studies have analysed the relationship between othercommon dermatological conditions like psoriasis, lichen planus or androgenetic alopecia and CV disease and metabolic syndrome,showing a possible association based on a convergentmechanism of T-cell mediated chronic inflammation in cutaneousconditions, atherosclerosis or dyslipidemia. The present study aimed to assess thepresence of insulin resistance and metabolic syndromein vitiligo patients compared to their body mass index matched controls. Insulin resistance is a metabolic state in which there is a failure of insulin to maintain glucose homeostasis i.e. abnormally large amount of insulin (endogenous or exogenous) is required for a normal biologic response. It was proved that insulin resistance is an important risk factor in the development of the metabolic syndrome, a cluster of disorders comprising increased waist circumference, hyperglycemia, hypertension, hyper-triglyceridemia and decreased HDL. In this study, we found that the patients with vitiligo had higher insulin resistance compared to their body mass index matched controlsand HOMA-IR was found to be sensitive test to diagnose insulin resistance Metabolic syndrome was higher in patients compared to controls with statistically significant difference between them. It showed higherprevalence in obese patients than normal BMI and overweight patients. Searching for the presence of insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome in patients with vitiligo seems therefore to be of great benefit. The presence of vitiligo may help early detection of patients with metabolic syndrome with the possibility of diagnosis, treatment or even prevention of metabolic syndrome with its sequelae.

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Other Titles تقييم مقاومة الإنسولين والمتلازمة الأيضية لدى المرضى المصابين بالبهاق
Issue Date 2014

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