An Exact Enumeration of the Reliability of Some Linear & Circular Connected X-out-of-(n,m) :F Lattice Systems.

N. Mokhlis ; Khamis, Soheir 


An exact enumeration of the reliability of some linear and circular connected X-out-of- (n,m) : F lattice systems is introduced. The reliability of (r,s): F lattice systems is presented via using a recursive algorithmic method. Then the reliability of (r,s)-or-(s,r)-out-of-(n,m) F : lattice systems is obtained by some development of the algorithm used in the case of (r,s)-out-of-(n,m) :F lattice systems. The algorithm depends on the relation between the representation of the specified (n,m) : F lattice systems and the class 'of (n,m) matrices having 0-1 entries. The suggested procedure counts all possible failure states of the System.

Other data

Keywords Linear, circular connected X-out-of-(n,m) :F Lattice Systems.
Issue Date Aug-1990
Journal Journal of the Egyptian Mathematical Society 

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