Enumeration of Series-Parallel Posets According To Heights

M.H. El-Zahar ; Khamis, Soheir 


The paper gives a new aspect for constructing non-isomorphic n-element posets from smaller ones. This construction leads to enumerating the number of non-isomorphic n-element posets of height k, kn. General forms for the relations between the generating functions of two arguments, viz. the cardinality of a poset and its height, for non-isomorphic essentially series, essentially parallel and (+,)-irreducible posets are derived. These relations lead to the counting of series-parallel n-element posets of height k, kn.

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Keywords Enumeration, posets, the height, series, parallel, and (+,)-irreducible.
Issue Date 2000
Journal Journal of the Egyptain Mathematical Society 
URI http://research.asu.edu.eg/123456789/1136

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