Metabolic Hormones and Lipogram related to Adipogenic Differentiation of Umbilical Cord Blood Mesenchymal Stem Cells during Ovine Pregnancy.

Faten A M Abo-Aziza ; Zaki A A ; Safaa M Abo El-Soud ; Abd-Elhalem, Sahar Sobhy 


The relationship of adipogenic differentiated umbilical cord blood mesenchymal stem cells (UCBMSCs) to hormonal and lipid parameters in pregnant ewes are not yet well known. Therefore, the evaluation of cortisol, insulin, leptin and lipid profile changes in blood during pregnancy of ewes and their relation to adipogenic differentiation of UCB-MSCs was the sole goal of the present study. UCB-MSCs was successfully isolated, propagated and differentiated into adipogenic lineage using optimal culture condition of 20 μg/ml insulin and + 1.5 μM dexamethasone (DEX). Results of lipid profile indicated that during advanced pregnancy in ewe, maternal stores are involved in providing energy that affects serum chemistry values. IL-4 level was increased in the 3rd and 4th months of pregnancy followed by decrease in the 5th month, while, TNF-α level was increased in 4th and 5th months indicating initial predominance of Th2, followed by a progressive shift toward Th1 in late pregnancy. Flow cytometric analysis showed that cultured UCB-MSCs positively express CD73, CD29 and CD105. High band intensity of FABP4 was expressed by adipogenic differentiated UC-MSCs using optimal culture condition of 20 μg/ml insulin + 1.5 μM dexamethasone. We successfully obtained ideal model of MSCs to be used as a study of adipogenesis. It is becoming increasingly clear that the connection of adipogenesis and the physiological parameters in pregnant ewes is essential to understand or attempt to find some factors affecting the explanation of the risk for obesity in the offspring in relation to adipogenic differentiation of UCB-MSC.

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Issue Date Mar-2018
Journal Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences 

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