Domestication and Foreignization: Same concepts, Different Designations

Salim, Zeinab 


The field of Translation Studies has been characterized by a dichotomy as far as translating strategies are concerned. Theoreticians of translation use various designations to refer to more or less similar concepts. The strategies of domestication and foreignization are relatively modern - as terms - but the notions they define date as old as the practice of translating. The present paper elaborates on the strategies of translation that have been dominating the field, similar to domestication and foreignization. The paper also explores the different terminology that was ascribed to such notions, and further elucidates the various stances accorded to each strategy, ranging between advocacy to opposition.

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Keywords paraphrase, imitation, direct translation, oblique translation, formal and dynamic equivalence, adequacy, acceptability, use, abuse, overt and covert translation
Issue Date 2010
Publisher Faculty of Al-Alsun (Languages), Ain-Shams University
Source Salim, Z.M. (2010). Domestication and Foreignization: Same concepts, Different Designations. Philology, 27-62.
Journal Philology 
Series/Report no. 772/2010;NA
Conference NA 
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