Developing, Implementing and Evaluating Infection Control Programs For nurses working In Ophthalmic Operating Theater

Towfik.S ; Elsenosy.T ; Gareeb.R ; ahmed, nematallah 


Infection in ophthalmic surgery is very dangerous, as it can lead to permanent loss of eyesight. It is therefore of utmost importance to enforce strict infection control measures. The aim of this study develops, implement and evaluate infection control program for the nurses working in ophthalmic operating theater based on needs assessment. Method. This study was conducted at the ophthalmic operating rooms in the research institute of ophthalmology, Giza. The tools of data collection were.1)Interview Arabic questionnaire to assess knowledge of the nurses.2) Observational checklist to assess the nurses' performance regarding infection control practices during the work in ophthalmic operating theater.3)Training program for infection control health care providers based on national guideline in Egypt and needs assessment. Results. This study revealed that there was a highly statistically significant difference among study group pre and post implementing training program from infection control practices (mainly, washing hands, surgical scrub, wearing sterile gown and gloves). Conclusion. This study revealed that the program has increased the score of knowledge and performance among all studied groups pre and post-implementation training program. In conclusion, there were improvements in health care providers’ knowledge, and practices after implementing a training program.R recommendations: Regular educational and training programs for the healthcare providers to improve their knowledge, performance, and skills, regarding ophthalmic surgery.

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Keywords infection control ,nursing ophthalmic operating room
Issue Date 2013
Journal Journal of health science 

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