New Readings of Children's Literature with Reference to Selected Folktales by Aaron Shepard

Eissa, Manal 


Recent developments in Children's literature have been based upon the realization that children today have an interest in and an ability to tackle complex issues as well as social themes that in previous times were considered unacceptable for them. The aim of the prresent research, then, is to show how children can have plenty of fun, blending basic dramatic elements with new versions of their favourite Folktales. In his Folktales on Stage (2004), Aaron Shepard offers the child a novel, panoramic view of the child's most loved Folktales from different origins. The researcher also deals with opinions of few critics who theorize drama as one form of moral teaching for children. Above all, the need for stories will continue to be universal as there has always been a prevalent appeal to the genre from its early beginnings till now.

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Keywords Folktales, children's literature, drama, Shepard
Issue Date Apr-2004
Publisher Center for Developing English Language Teaching, Ain Shams University
Source CDELT, AIN SHAMS UNIV, CAIRO, Vol. 38, p.o.. 241-256
Journal CDELT journal, vol. 38 
Series/Report no. Vol.38;

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