Eco- histopathological Studies on Oreochromis niloticus Fish Living in Damietta Branch in Egypt.

Shadia , M. Kadry ; Sfaa , I. Tayel ; Magda , F.H. Afify ; Radwa , Ahmed ; Kadry, shadia 


The aim of this study is to assess the physicochemical characteristics of water quality of El-Kanater El-Khayria, Benha and Talkha stations at Damietta branch in Egypt. The impacts of pollution on the histological structure of skin and muscles and gills of O. niloticus fish inhabiting these stations have been investigated. Water and fish samples were collected seasonally from investigated area during the period from spring 2012 to winter 2013. The results revealed changes in water quality that have negative impact on the histological structure of selected organs of the studied fish. So, it is necessary to treat the drainage water before its discharging into the Damietta branch to protect fish and human beings from the dangers of pollution.

Other data

Keywords Water quality, histology, muscles, gills, Damietta branch.
Issue Date 2015
Journal World J. Pharma. Sci. 
ISSN 2321-3310

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