In vitro effects of iron nanoparticles on Schistosoma mansoni adult worms and its intermediate host snail, Biomphalaria alexandrina.

Khalil, L. M. ; Azzam, A. M. ; Mohamed, H. A. M. ; Nigm, A. H. ; Taha, H. A ; Soliman M. I. 


Due to increasing problems of the resistance associated with praziquantel, the drug of choice for treatment of schistosomiasis, alternative therapies were tried. The present work evaluated the effect of iron nanoparticles (iron NPs) on S. mansoni and B. alexandrina in vitro. The mor-tality rate of adults was observed after exposure during a period of 48 hrs. Worms exposed to 30 & 60mg/L of iron nanoparticles showed 20% & 77% mortality after 3 hrs., respectively. Snails exposure to different concentration of iron NPs (1- 40mg/L) died (100%) at, 40mg/L af-ter 24 hours of exposure. The commonest surface ultrastructural changes were exposing of blebs everywhere, cracks, erosion, and incomplete fusion of some tubercles that lost most of their spines. Perforation was noticed on some areas of the tegument. The ventral sucker sinks incompletely inside the tegumental surface, sloughing was observed and perforation was no-ticed on the body surface. Also, collapsed tegumental architecture, huge oedematous structures were lounged from collapsed tegument.

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Keywords Schistosoma mansoni, Nanoparticles, Biomphalaria alexandrina.
Issue Date Aug-2018
Journal J. Egypt. Soc. Parasitol. (JESP), 48(2): 363 – 368. 
ISSN 1110-0583

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