Influence of Using Different Energy Sources on Growth Rate, Digestion Coefficients and Rumen Parameters in Sheep

Etab R. I. Abd El-Galil ; A.R. Khattab ; H.M. Khattab, ; H.M. El Sayed ; Faten F. Abou-Ammou 


Three rations were tested through two major trail metabolic and feeding trial to evaluate the replacement of different sources of energy in sheep rations. The rations contained: 30% berseem hay+70% CFM contain 50% yellow corn as control ration (R1), 30% berseem hay+70% CFM contain 50% date seeds (R2) and 30% berseem hay+70% CFM contain 50% sugar beet pulp (R3). No Significant differences (p<0.05) were observed in total dry matter intake and crude protein intake among the experimental rations. Ration 1 had the highest value of DM, OM, CP and NFE digestibility compared with R2 and R3. Total Digestible Nutrient (TDN) and N-balance had higher significantly values for R1 (74.1% and 6.57 g) and R2 (68.00% and 5.93 g) than R3 (63.3% and 4.46 g), respectively. The pH and total volatile fatty acids value had significant differences among all rations. Total cellulolytic bacteria had significant differences value in R3 than other experimental rations. Number of Cellulomonas, Bacillus, Acetobacter and Ruminococcus were high in R3 contain beet pulp, while Thermonospora was the highest number in R2. In feeding trail recorded that total gain, Average Daily Gain (ADG) and feed efficiency were significantly (p<0.05) higher for R1 followed by R2 and R3 orderly. It was concluded that using date seeds or sugar beet pulp as source of energy in rations of ruminants, have not any negative effect on digestibility, feed intake, ADG and feed efficiency compared with yellow corn ration.

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Issue Date Mar-2016

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