Etab R. I. Abd El-Galil 


The objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of biological additives: yeast culture ,fibrozyme and a combination of yeast culture and fibrozyme (50% +50%) on the apparent digestibility of the nutrients, rumen and blood parameters and performance of Baladi goats. Sixteen Baladi goats were assigned randomly to four equal groups. The first group was fed on basal diet without additives and used as control (R 1), the second , third and fourth groups were fed on basal diet and additives with yeast culture , fibrolytic enzyme , and a combination of two additives ( R2, R 3 and R4, respectively) . All animals were fed on basal diet consists of Berseem hay (BH) and concentrate feed mixture (CFM), there represented 50 and 50 % of the total ration (on dry matter basis). Diets of R2, R 3 and R4 were supplemented with 8 gm yeast culture ,10 gm fibrolytic enzyme , and 5gm fibrolytic enzyme plus 4 gm yeast culture / d/animal , respectively. The experimental period was 90 days and 21 days metabolism trial . These results showed that the biological additives were high effect significantly (P<0.05) on DMI (0.65,0.67 and 0.67 kg/d/animal) , CPI (80.54, 83.37 and 83.55 gm/d/animal), total gain (8.75,9.60 and 9.00 kg), ADG (0.097,0.106 and 0.100 kg/d/animal) and feed efficiency values (0.152,0.130 and 0.153 kg/d/animal) in the experimental rations which increasing compared control ration. Furthermore, fibrolytic enzyme , yeast culture and a combination of two additives significantly (P<0.05) increased plasma level of glucose and plasma urea-nitrogen. Total count of cellulolytic bacteria in the experimental rations were the highest (P<0.05) values in R4 followed by R3 and R2 but the lowest value was in R1 (control diet). The study concluded that fibrolytic enzyme , yeast culture and a combination of two additives had the significant superiority (P<0.05) in improving GOT and GPT of baladi goats. We concluded that biological additives on basal diet for feedlot Baladi goats specially with fibrozyme and a combination of yeast culture and fibrozyme ( R3 and R4) will enhance ruminal digestion and thereby enhance dry matter intake and growth performance with no side effects on ruminal and blood parameters compared using yeast culture or basal diet without additives.

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Keywords Baladi goats, biological additives, digestibility, ADG, feed efficiency, cellulolytic bacteria
Issue Date 2014
Publisher Faculty of agriculture -Ain shams university
Journal Egyptian J. Nutrition and Feeds (2014), 17 (1): 29-42. 

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