Effect of Counseling on Patterns of Care, Stress and Life Burden on Parents of Mentally Retarded Children

Galila Shawky El-Ganzory1; Gehad M.Abo El Matty2 and Mona AbdelRahman3 ; Elganzory, Galila 


Parenting a mentally retarded child is not an easy task. Parents having a mentally retarded child experience a variety of 'psychological stress' related to the child disability. Parents especially mothers need every help and encouragement possible in their difficult task, which is, indeed, easier for them while the child is still a baby. Therefore, This study aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of counseling on patterns of care reducing stress and life burden on parents of mentally retarded children. A quasi-experimental research design has been utilized in this study.[from beginning of June 2012 until end of August 2012] .This study was conducted at the outpatient clinics in both :El-Abbaseya, Mental Health Hospital in Cairo and the Rehabilitation Center for Handicapped Children in Port-Said City. They recruited throughout a period of 3 months. The total sample was 52 parents (mothers / fathers) accompanying their mentally retarded children. The inclusion criteria were: mentally retarded child aged 1- 18 years, with sever level of IQ (20-40) of both sexes and family member living with the child at the same home. Data were collected through: 1)Socio-demographic data form, 2)A questionnaire [designed by the researchers] for assessment of basic knowledge about mental retardation,3) Observational checklist [was designed by the researchers] to record the parents' interaction patterns with their children before and after the counseling, 4)Questionnaire to elicit the parents approach in managing the different children problems before and after the counseling, 5)Caregiver Burden Scale and 6)Caregiver Stress and Depression. All the previously mentioned tools were applied before counseling sessions as a pre-test and after sessions as an evaluation test. Results showed, the effectiveness of the counseling sessions in providing knowledge and support to family caregivers, improving their behaviors and interactions toward their patients and alleviating their life burden. The ongoing development and evaluation of appropriate interventions for parents of mentally retarded children remain an important challenge to the mental health professionals. More research is needed in this area to determine the longer term effects of counseling.

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Keywords Mental retardation, parents 'caregiver, burden, stress and counseling.
Issue Date 2013
Publisher Life Science Journal
Journal Life Science Journal 
URI http://research.asu.edu.eg/handle/123456789/1598

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