Effect of Relaxation Techniques in Controlling Anxiety among Patients with Essential Hypertension

Galila Shawky El-Ganzoury & Amal Elias ; Elganzory, Galila 


Essential hypertension is the most prevalent type of hypertension. It increases progressively with age. Aim of study: Was to assess the effect of relaxation technique "Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR)" in controlling anxiety among patients with essential hypertension. Design: A quasi-experimental study design was utilized. Setting: It was conducted on 40 patients with essential hypertension in the out-patient clinic of medical diseases - Ain Shams University Hospital. Tools: 1) A Structured Interview Questionnaire (SIQ): That was designed by the researchers based on recent local and international related literatures and articles, it was include, the socio-demographic data of the studied sample which are; age, sex, marital status, etc., it was also include the medical history which are; duration of illness, body mass index, blood pressure control and previous attendance of any courses or programs regarding relaxation techniques. 2) Patient Knowledge Questionnaire (PKQ): It was developed by the researchers to assess patients' knowledge about relaxation techniques. 3) Taylor Anxiety Scale: It was designed by Janet Taylor (1953) to assess level of anxiety. Results: There are highly statistically significant differences were found between pre and post training of relaxation techniques regarding the relationship between' level of anxiety and total knowledge of the patients. Conclusion: The implementation of relaxation techniques had a positive effect on anxiety and blood pressure of patients with essential hypertension. Recommendation: - Further research is required to study the effect of implementing the developed self-care guide on such a group of the hypertensive patients.

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Keywords Relaxation techniques “Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR), anxiety, essential hypertension.
Issue Date 2016
Publisher Egyptian Journal of Health Care
Journal Egyptian journal of health care 
URI http://research.asu.edu.eg/handle/123456789/1599

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