Molecular Detection of DNA Component 6 (DNA-N) of Banana Bunchy Top Virus Isolated From Egypt.

Mansour, L.L., Othman, B.A., Abd- Elghaffar, M.H., Eman, M. Marei and Sohar, A.Youssef. ; Marie, Eman 


Banana bunchy top virus (BBTV) is considered the most serious disease affecting banana in Egypt. BBTV was isolated from infected bana-na(Musa acuminata cv Grandnain) obtained from EL-Behira, Egypt by Pentalonia nigronervosa .Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) was used to detect BBTV in infected plants and banana aphid (P.nigronervosa) using specific primer of DNA-1 for BBTV. The results showed that amplified PCR product with the expected size 476 bp for both infected banana and aphid. PCR was used to detect compo-nent 6 of BBTV-DNA using specific primer at expected size 813 bp. The isolated component was cloned into PCR™-4-TOPO vector (3.956~kb) and were transformed using minipreperation method. Component-6 was sequenced to determine the phylogenetic with other published isolates. Phylogenetic tree showed the identity percentage of Egyptian isolate group of BBTV-component- 6 with component 6 of Indian, Taiwanese and Pakistani isolates group was 97%, whereas it was 84% in case of Chinese isolate group.

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Keywords Banana viruses, BBTV, PCR, Pentalonia nigro-nervosa, cloning, sequence, phylogenetic
Issue Date 2013
Publisher Egyptian Journal Virol.
Journal Egyptian Journal Virol. 10:110-123. 

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