Day Case Ureteroscopic Lithotripsy Procedure: Outcomes of Creating Awareness on Patients` Satisfaction

Lobna M. G. Ali, Gehan A. Gamal El -dean, Mohamed M. Yassin, wafaa kh. ibrahim,


Aim: This study aimed to evaluate the outcomes of creating awareness on patients`
satisfaction with day case ureteroscopic lithotripsy procedure. Subjects and Method : A
quasi-experimental design was utilized for the conduction of this study in the Uro-Surgery
Department and Urology Outpatients` Clinics at Minia Nephrology and Urology University
Hospital and EL- Demerdash Surgical Hospital affiliated to Ain Shams University . A
purposive sample of (80) adult and old age patients involved both genders underwent
ureteroscopic lithotripsyand taken from the above mentioned settings . Tools of data
collection were: 1) Patients, interviewing questionnaire (pre / post / follow up tests) to assess the
studied patients` knowledge as regards ureteroscopic lithotripsyprocedure. 2). An observation
checklist (pre / post / follow uptests) to evaluate studied patients' practices in relation to care
activities of ureteroscopic lithotripsyprocedure. 3) Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale (pre / post/
follow up tests) to assess anxiety level. 4) Numerical pain scale (pre / post / follow uptests) to
assess pain severity level. 5) Patients` health condition assessment ( Post / follow up tests . 6)
Patients` satisfaction assessment sheet (post- test) to assess the satisfaction level. Results:
More than half of the studied patients were male , above 40 yrs. and overweight. There
were unsatisfactory level of patients` awareness ( knowledge and practices ) , added to
elevated pain and anxiety levels pre guidelines . Conclusion : On light of the current
study results , it can be concluded that the educational guidelines for patients with
ureteroscopic lithotripsy procedurehad a positive effect on creating awareness
(knowledge and practices) and health condition outcomes : relieving of anxiety and
pain levels , condition progress and improving satisfaction level. Recommendations:
Further studies should be carried out on a large number of patients with ureteroscopic
lithotripsy for evidence of the results and generalization.

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Title Day Case Ureteroscopic Lithotripsy Procedure: Outcomes of Creating Awareness on Patients` Satisfaction
Authors Lobna M. G. Ali ; Gehan A. Gamal El -dean ; Mohamed M. Yassin ; wafaa kh. ibrahim 
Keywords Ureteroscopic lithotripsy (URSL ) - Awareness - Satisfaction - Day case surgery
Issue Date Sep-2017
Journal Egyptian Journal of Health Care, 2017 EJHC Vol.8 No.1 
DOI 0000-0001-7975-3264

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