Application of Doppler Broadening of Annihilation Radiation Technique to Evaluate the Microhardness Variations during Isochronal Annealing of Al and Al (Mn) Alloys

Magda Mohammed El Sayed Abd El Wahab ; W. Arafa 


Doppler broadening measurements have been carried out to study the isochronal annealing of cold-worked commercial pure Al (99.5%) and Al-1 wt.% Mn alloys. The deduced line shape and wing parameters are investigated in the range from room temperature to 823 K and correlated with the corresponding microhardness measurements. The vacancy migration and the effect of the precipitated Al6 Mn in Al (Mn) alloys could be probed as a function of annealing temperature. Three stages of microstructures can be distinguished in both Al and Al (Mn) alloys, which are recovery, partial recrystallization, and complete recrystallization. The line shape parameter-wing parameter (S-W) map indicates the same behavior in both alloys at high temperature. However, at low temperatures, Al (Mn) shows different behavior from the linear trajectory Al alloy.

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Keywords Al and Al (Mn) alloys, Doppler broadening, positron annihilation, microhardness, recovery, recrystallization, S-W map
Issue Date Jun-2000
Publisher Springer
Journal Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance 
Series/Report no. 9(3);

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