 Effect of Some Organic Extracts and Ascorbic Acid Applied as Foliar Spray on the Growth, Productivity and NPK Uptake of Wheat.

Elbordiny, Mahmoud ; Diah, M.M. ; Kh, M. Ghanem ; E. A. M. Osman ; Sammar, F. Zahran 


The present investigation was carried out at El- Gemmeiza Agricultural Research Station, El-Gharbia Governorate, Egypt, during two winter seasons of 2010/2011 and 2011/2012 to evalute the effect of foliar application of some organic extracts (potassium humate& fulvate, compost tea) and ascorbic acid on the growth of wheat crop (Triticum aestivum L.) variety Gemmeiza 9 with speial stress on its uptake of NPK and productivity. Ascorbic acid was added at the rate of 1g L-1, while either potassium humate or fulvate at rate of 10% K2O whereas the compost tea at rate of 5 cm l-1 (300L fed-1.). Such organic extracts and ascorbic acid were added as a foliar spray on wheat plant in two equal split portion at dressing and panicle period initiation (35 and 50 days from planting), respectively. The experiment was arranged in one factor randomized complete block design with three replicates. The results indicate that the spike number/m2, grain number & weight /spike and 1000 grain weight (g) as well as grain, straw and biological wheat yield were improved significantly by using either potassium humate or fulvate as compared with control, but it remarked that there is no effect of organic extracts and ascorbic acid on plant height (cm). In this concern, it was remarked that foliar application of organic extracts significantly increased the uptake of NPK in grain with a marked superiority for potassium fulvate than other treatment which gave the highest mean values. In other words, spraying potassium fulvate were more effective on the uptake NPK of wheat grain as compared with control treatment in both seasons. Moreover in cease was observed for NPK uptake by grain with spraying of potassium humate. The results also indicated that spraying either potassium humate or fulvate gave the highest significant values of NPK uptake of wheat straw and biological yields. The same tendency was obtained by foliar application of compost tea in both ones, with a little inferiority on other two treatments. So, based on the above results, it is recommended that applying some organic extracts such as potassium fulvate or humate is essential to obtain acceptable wheat yield under similar conditions

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Keywords wheat yield, potassium humate, fulvate, compost tea, ascorbic acid.
Issue Date 2017
Publisher Mansoura University
Journal J. Soil Sci. and Agric., Eng., Mansoura Univ., 
URI http://research.asu.edu.eg/handle/123456789/166778

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