Functional Dyeing of Wool Fabric by Natural Dyes

O. K. Ahmed, W. A. EL-Sayed, N. A. Ibrahimb, M. M.T. Eladwi, N. s. ashour,


The natural dyes has increased considerably on account of their high compatibility with environment, relatively low toxicity and allergic effects, as well as natural coloring source such as from plants, insects, mineral and fungi. Using Rhine-M dye (is obtained from the dried bodies of insect) and Pacific dye (is obtained from pomegranate fruit rind) onto wool fabric to make a multi-functional antibacterial and UV protective. Analyzed Antibacterial activity against Bacillus Subtilis, Staphylococcus Aureus, Pseudomonas Aeruginos and Neisseria Gonorrhoeae quantitatively showed significant antibacterial against the four types of bacteria. And calculated the Ultraviolet protection factor values to reflect the excellent UV protection rating of the dyed fabrics. The effect of dyeing variables on the color strength of dyed fabrics was examined. The fastness properties of dyed wool fabric against washing, light and perspiration were evaluated. The physico mechanical properties were studied.

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Title Functional Dyeing of Wool Fabric by Natural Dyes
Authors O. K. Ahmed ; W. A. EL-Sayed ; N. A. Ibrahimb ; M. M.T. Eladwi ; N. s. ashour 
Keywords Natural dye - antibacterial - UPF - wool fabric - functional dyeing
Issue Date 13-Mar-2015
Publisher مجلة البحث العلمي في (الأداب -العلوم- التربيه)
Journal مجلة البحث العلمي في الآداب و العلوم و التربيه ( كلية البنات جامعة عين شمس ) - مصر 

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