Pelvic Pain Predicament: A Case Report

Ahmed N El-Shaer, Hoda MF Wahba 


Introduction: Chronic pelvic pain is a common problem and presents a major challenge to health care providers because of its unclear etiology, complex natural history, and poor response to therapy. Shedding light on dif­ ferent scenarios will definitely bring us closer to the pathophysiology of this problem. Moreover, dissemination of data among different journals other than gynecology is essential as many patients seek medical advice from other specialties. Case report: This case report presents an interesting story of pelvic pain in a 58 year old Egyptian female that took too many turns starting with the diagnosis of vaginal atrophy and going through a diversity of investiga­ tions and her wishes were answered in her lifetime and both she and her family found salvation. Conclusion: This case supports the fact that vulvodynia is difficult both to diagnose and

Other data

Issue Date 2013
Journal Middle East Journal of Age and Ageing, 

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