Contralateral breast volume measurement during chest CT for postmastectomy breast reconstruction

Osman N. ; Botros S. ; Ghany A. ; Farid A. ; Alasmar, Ahmed 


© 2014, CARS. Objective :    Successful breast reconstruction after mastectomy may be guided by knowledge of the contralateral breast volume. Three-dimensional (3D) reconstruction based on a CT examination was used to determine the volume of the contralateral normal breast before postmastectomy breast reconstruction.Materials and methods :    Seventeen female patients scheduled for postmastectomy breast reconstruction using silicon implant prostheses were using noncontrast CT scans of the chest for metastatic work-up. The CT scans were used to measure the volume of contralateral normal breast. The volume estimates were used to specify the proper implant size for cosmesis. The estimated CT volume was correlated with volume estimates obtained using water displacement, as well as anthropometric measurements performed by a plastic surgeon.Results :    Breast volume estimates obtained from CT scans were highly correlated with volumes measured by the two nonradiological methods, yielding a positive linear correlation coefficient (r=0.99).Conclusion :    Volume measurement of the intact breast should be added to reports of routine chest CT studies in patients who undergo mastectomy. CT imaging is a feasible method for contralateral normal breast volume measurement in these patients.

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Issue Date 1-Jan-2014
Journal International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery 

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