Implementing A Clinical Performance Logbook For Improving Nurse’s Practical Skills At Maternity Intensive Care Unit.

Mostafa, Eman 


Background: With the rapid change of different disciplines, old methods and tools are not meeting the present requirements. Since in medical sciences, half of the educational course, including nursing courses, occurs at patients’ bedside, the assessment of clinical competency is of very importance. Aim & design: A Quasi- experimental study was conducted at Ain Shams Maternity University Hospital, aiming to study the effect of implementing a clinical performance logbook on improving nurse’s practical skills at maternity intensive care unit. Sample: A convenient sample was used, consisting of 40 nurses working at intensive care unit & accepted to participate in study. Tools: Data were collected using: 1) A Structured interviewing questionnaire, to assess nurses’ general characteristics 2) Observational checklists, it consisted of all nursing procedures which were done by nurses in maternity intensive care unit. In addition to a clinical performance log book was designed by researchers for practical skills related to critical ill mothers in maternity intensive care unit. The results of this study clarified that highly statistically significant between pre & post immediately, and post three months of intervention related to common care of nurses’ practical skills in intensive care unit. As well as highly statistically significant between pre & post immediately, and post three months of intervention related to care for women on ventilator, care of toxemia, while it shows statistically significant with nurses’ practical skills regarding care of obstetric hemorrhage and care of diabetic women. The study concluded that nurses’ practical skills were significantly improved; this improvement meant that the clinical performance log book had positive effect on nurses’ practical skills related to maternity intensive care which reflect the acceptance of researcher hypothesis. Recommendations: Application of logbook in refreshing courses to improved nurse’s practical skills at maternity intensive care units. Further studies are needed to investigate the effect of other new evaluation tools on nurse’s knowledge and their practice related to maternal intensive care unit.

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Keywords Key words: Clinical performance logbook, Maternal intensive care unit, Practical skills
Issue Date 2016
Conference The 8 th International Scientific Nursing Conference 2016 Faculty of Nursing, Helwan University, Egypt 

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