Creating Ultraviolet protective clothes using natural dyeing

O. K. Ahmed, N. S. Ashour a,


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Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun can cause skin damage
including sunburn, blistering, skin ageing and in the long term can lead to skin
cancer. Natural dyeing plays an important role to imparting new functional
properties (Ultraviolet protection) into the dyed substrate. In this research wool
fabric dyeing with Rhine-M, Pacific, Thar, Kango and Basant natural dyes and
evaluated ultraviolet radiation in terms of ultraviolet protection factor values
which give excellent values. Color strength (K/S) was investigated and gives
high values. The fastness properties of dyed wool fabric against washing, light,
and perspiration were evaluated and the result show very good values. Physico
mechanical was investigated and there is no negative effect on them.
Fashionable five designs were created for women clothes using natural dyed
fabric, which has ultraviolet protection properties. Tie and dye technique was
used to dyed designs. Add aesthetics value by using stitching, drawing and

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Title Creating Ultraviolet protective clothes using natural dyeing
Authors O. K. Ahmed ; N. S. Ashour a 
Keywords Natural dye - women clothes - UPF- wool fabric - functional dyeing.
Issue Date 23-Mar-2016
Publisher the international design journal
Journal the international design journal 
Series/Report no. 2090-9632;

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