A preliminary identification of insect successive wave in Egypt on control and zinc phosphide-intoxicated animals in different seasons

Sawaby, Rabab, Abd El-Bar, Marah Mohammad Hassan Abd El-Bar, Rabab Fathy Sawaby, Hayam El-Hamouly,


The presented study aimed primarily to document a baseline data of the decay process of
rabbits and guinea pigs and their associated arthropod fauna, which are placed in an urban city: El
Abbassyia, Cairo Governorate, Egypt, during winter and summer seasons, and to compare these
data with the corresponding figure for zinc phosphide-intoxicated carrions. Generally, control rabbits
and control guinea pigs were faster in their decay comparing the corresponding figure of the
zinc phosphide–intoxicated group. A delay in colonization of insects was noticed either in the winter
season for both groups, or additionally for the zinc phosphide groups. The associated insect fauna
was represented in 6 orders, 20 families, and 36 genera and species. Necrophagous arthropods that
supported decomposition of carcasses were mainly of orders Diptera and Coleoptera. Calliphoridae
was the first insect family that colonized the different carcasses. The mean numbers of control
immature dipterous maggots and similarly, the control coleopteran larvae significantly exceeded
the corresponding mean numbers for the zinc phosphide-intoxicated groups in both winter and
summer seasons in either rabbits or guinea pig groups. Moreover, the mean numbers of dipterous
maggots or coleopteran larvae of rabbits significantly surpassed the corresponding figures for guinea
pigs in both seasons. This study may add as a reference for the succession wave arthropod fauna
in Cairo Governorate in winter and summer seasons. Moreover, it is the first record of the arthropod
successive wave on zinc phosphide–intoxicated remains.

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Title A preliminary identification of insect successive wave in Egypt on control and zinc phosphide-intoxicated animals in different seasons
Authors Sawaby, Rabab ; Abd El-Bar, Marah Mohammad Hassan Abd El-Bar ; Rabab Fathy Sawaby ; Hayam El-Hamouly 
Keywords Forensic entomology; Decomposition; Calliphoridae; Zinc phosphide; Chrysomya albiceps; Egypt
Issue Date 11-Jun-2016
Publisher Elsevier
Source 1
Journal Egyptian Journal of Forensic Sciences 
URI http://research.asu.edu.eg/handle/123456789/167939
ISSN 2090-536X
DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.ejfs.2016.05.004

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