Watching T.V. and Playing Video Games and their Relation to Children Obesity between the Ages of (6:12)

Singer, Nermeen, P.D. Ehab M. Eid,


Obesity of newly born children and adolescents increase all over the world. Although ratios are stable in some contexts, the number of children who suffer overweight and obesity in countries of low and medium income increases, compared with the number in advanced countries of high income. The current study aims to investigate the practices of TV viewing and video games in a sample of children in the age group (6-12) from the point of view of their mothers, also examine the relationship of practices of watching TV and playing video games to increase the rate of childhood obesity. The study sample consisted of (332) mothers of obese children in the age between (6-12) years to know their feedback on the role of TV viewing and playing video games in the incidence of childhood obesity. A questionnaire was designed to collect information from mothers of children about TV viewing and playing video games related to child obesity by interviewing mothers of children. The results of the study showed that the percentage of watching TV and playing video games is 72% and the proportion of non-watching TV and video games is 28%, also we found that the mothers of children with obesity sits a large period of time in front of TV with their children, so the more hours of watching will lead to children obesity, because the viewer is always a negative recipient. It shows that the children aptitude to have increases, with watching T.V. drama and food advertisements and also with video games. Focusing on watching makes them unconscious of what they eat and makes them greedy. The researcher, accordingly sees that it is important to give parents guides about supplying food during watching which has fatal tragic effects.

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Title Watching T.V. and Playing Video Games and their Relation to Children Obesity between the Ages of (6:12)
Authors Singer, Nermeen ; P.D. Ehab M. Eid 
Keywords Children Obesity;Watching T.V.
Issue Date Sep-2017
Publisher Infogain Publication
Journal International Journal of English Literature and Social Sciences 
ISSN 2456-7620
DOI 10.24001/ijels.2.5.12

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