Blood biochemical constituents in growing lambs fed on orange pulp ensiled with exogenous enzymes

H.M. Gado ; A. Z. M. Salem ; N. E. Odongo ; B. E. Borhami 


Twenty-four Ossimi male lambs were used to evaluate effects of feeding ensiled orange pulp (EOP) in lamb diets either with or without addition of exogenous enzymes (ZADO of anaerobic bacterium origin-ENZ) on blood protein (g/100 mL), globulin (g/100 mL), albumin (g/100 mL), cholesterol (mg/100 mL), urea (mg/100 mL), serum glutamic-oxaloacetic transaminase (GPT, units/ml) and glutamic-pyruvic transaminase (GOT, units/ml) concentrations. Lambs (21.1 ± 1.01 kg of BW) were assigned to one of 3 groups of 8 animals/group in a randomized complete block design being: Control (0 g/kg EOP), EOP (Control with 150 g/kg EOP without enzymes) or EOP+ENZ (EOP with 5 g/kg of ZADO®). Feeding lambs with EOP diet did not affect blood protein, albumin, urea, GPT and GOT concentrations (Table 1), whereas addition of ENZ during ensilage of orange pulp increased blood globulin concentration (P = 0.048) and reduced cholesterol level (P = 0.043). Data suggested that addition of enzymes to the EOP could improve the animal immunity and health.

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Keywords lambs;orange pulp;silage;ZADO
Issue Date 2011
Publisher Annual meeting of ASAS & ADSA 2011
Journal Annual meeting of ASAS & ADSA 2011 

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