Influence of different levels of exogenous enzymes preparation at two application methods on in vitro ruminal fermentation of some fibrous feeds in sheep

H.Gado ; A. Z. M. Salem ; N. E. Odongo ; R. Rojo ; M. M. Y. Elghandour ; A. Olmido 


The present experiment was aimed at investigating the effect of different levels of exogenous enzymes preparation (ENZ - mixture of cellulase, xylanase, α-amylase and proteases enzymes) on in vitro gas production, some ruminal fermentation parameters (pH, NH3-N and VFA (total and individual acids) and fiber degradability (ADF and NDF) of three fibrous feeds (FF - corn stover, oat straw, sugarcane bagasse) at two methods of application (direct addition or pretreatment for 24h with ENZ) in sheep. The levels of ENZ used were 0, 0.06, 0.12 and 0.24 g/g DM of each FF, and ENZ was dissolved in distilled water to obtain the concentration of each level in 1 mL. Rumen liquor was collected before the morning eating from 4 sheep (40 ± 3.2 kg BW, fed on a total mixed ration of 50% commercial concentrate and 50% alfalfa hay) fitted with permanent rumen cannula. In vitro gas production was recorded at 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 24, 48 and 72 h of incubation. After 72 h, the incubation was stopped and the inoculant’s pH was determined and filtered to determine ADF and NDF degradability, VFA (total and individual acids) and NH3-N concentrations. In vitro organic matter digestibility and metabolizable energy, were estimated. Data were analyzed as 4 (four doses of ENZ) × 3 (three FF) × 2 (two methods of application) factorial experimental design. Addition of ENZ increased (P<0.05) gas production, NH3-N and VFA concentrations with the FF used. Acetic acid concentration was increased with the addition or pretreatment of FF with ENZ without effect on butyric or propionic acids concentrations. Pretreatment of FF for 24 h with ENZ was increased the ruminal fermentation and fiber degradability (ADF and NDF) of FF. Highest in vitro gas production and ruminal fermentation activities were found in sugarcane bagasse compared with oat straw and corn stover. It is concluded that pretreatment the FF with ENZ for 24 h before the in vitro incubation could improve the ruminal fermentation and fiber degradability in sheep compared to the direct addition in diets. Sugarcane bagasse treated with ENZ could be considered a good roughage for ruminants.

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Keywords exogenous enzymes;fibrous feeds;Gas production
Issue Date 2012
Publisher Annual meeting of ASAS & ADSA 2012
Journal Annual meeting of ASAS & ADSA 2012 

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