Effect of Metal and Halogen Ions on the Relative Permittivity of Some Diamine Complexes

Mansour, Ahmed ; A. M. Ibrahim ; S. M. Abdel Wahab ; F. A. Radwan 


The real part of the relative permittivity e; as well as the dielectric loss as represented bye; for the compounds (CH2).(NH3)2MCI4_)Jrx (where x = 0, 2, n = 2, 3 and M = CIl, Co) have been measured. The measurements were carried out as a function of temperature and frequency. Both e; and e; show the same relaxation phenomena which involves large reorientable dipoles in the total polarization. The phase transition observed at ~ 312 K for e; and e; is expected from the variation in the spacing between the adjacent metallic layers arising from the increase in the number of carbon atoms and/or introducing the Br " ions in the out of plane position

Other data

Issue Date 1997
Journal Physica Scripta. Vol. 55 (1997) 746-749 
URI http://research.asu.edu.eg/handle/123456789/168895

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