Nurses' Beliefs and Barriers toward Evidence – Based Practice

shazly, mona ; Hemat ,A.Mostafa ; Nesreen,M.Ahmed 


Evidence Based practice has emerged as an innovation for quality improvement in health care .Having positive beliefs toward EBP and sees its value in healthcare have vital impact on its implementation among nurses and help to overcome their perceived barriers. Aim: To determine nurses’ beliefs, identifying perceived barriers to the implementation of evidence based practice, Finding out the relation between nurses' beliefs and barriers toward EBP. Design: A descriptive design was utilized. Setting: this study conducted at Ain shams specialized hospital. Tools: of data collection: Two tools were used namely evidence based practice beliefs questionnaire, barriers to research utilization questionnaire. Results: The majority of nurses had appositive beliefs toward applying EBP hospital, especially beliefs regarding value of EBP. There was a statistically significant relation between age, qualification, and experience in clinical work of nurses and perceived barriers of nurses toward EBP with most common barriers were related to organizational barriers. Conclusion: there was negative correlation between EBP Beliefs Scale and EBP barriers Scale. Recommendations: Well prepared evidence based programs, equipped facilities with new informatics infrastructure, Facilitate access to libraries, computers and Internet, establishing research disseminating center, ingrained EBP from nursing curricula, incorporated as a component of the research process, are main steps for implementing EBP. Key words: Evidence based practice, Nurses beliefs, barriers

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Keywords Evidence based practice;barriers;Nurses beliefs,
Issue Date 2018
Journal Egyptian Journal of Health Care, 2018 EJHC Vol.9 No.2 

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