Assertiveness and Job Satisfaction among Newly Baccalaureate Graduate Nurses at Ain-Shams University Hospitals

shazly, mona 


Background: Newly graduate nurses need to be assertive to be able to act in the best interests of self, patients and health team. The aim of this study was to assess the relation between assertiveness and job satisfaction among newly baccalaureate graduate nurses. Subjects and methods: The study was conducted at Ain-Shams University Hospitals using a cross-sectional analytic design on 65 new nurse graduates. Data were collected using a self-administered questionnaire, which included an assertiveness scale and the standardized Mueller and McCloskey Satisfaction Scale (MMSS) to assess job satisfaction. Results: The study revealed that the mean scores of the five domains ranged between 61.9% for the domain of control of anxiety and fears to 70.4% for active participation. Their satisfaction mean scores ranged between 3.2 and 3.5, with mean total score 3.4±0.5 out of a maximum score of 5. A statistically significant associations ware revealed between newly baccalaureate graduate nurses’ assertiveness and satisfaction scores and between satisfaction score and birth order (r= 0,70, 0.262) respectively. In multivariate analysis, MMSE score and marital status as the only statistically significant independent predictor of the assertiveness score. In conclusion, the new nurse graduates have average levels of assertiveness and job satisfaction, with significant relation between them. The only factors influencing assertiveness are MMSE score and the marital status. The findings need to be interpreted with the limitation of the small sample size; hence, it is recommended to replicate the study with a larger sample size. There is a need for interventions to improve new nurse graduates’ assertiveness. Further research is also proposed to identify the factors underlying newly baccalaureate graduate nurses’ relatively low job satisfaction.

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Issue Date 2013
Publisher Mona, M. Shazly

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